Web Design Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make

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There's probably much more available information on driving traffic than there is on creating a site that will convert it. Before your site converts anyone, it needs to give them a good reason to stay there more than 30 seconds. The content plus appearance of your site are critical factors in creating sites 'stickiness,' or the desire to remain and return. It's a brutal reality because visitors will make a determination about your site very quickly - in about 3 seconds. That's right; you only have a few seconds to make that lasting impression. A website that makes it hard to navigate, or is hard on they eyeballs, will not do as well as a site that gets it right. So getting these several areas right will obviously do a lot for your business. And now, we'd like to offer some suggestions you can walk away and use in your business today.

To create an interesting website that attracts visitors to return often then you must make sure you provide quality content that they can use. The aesthetic elements of your site might be effective in drawing people in but to make sure your site becomes a sticky and that people will come back you need to provide great content. This can be achieved simply by making sure you always add fresh content because people are always searching for new information online. If you want to make sure people actually read your content you must make it interesting as well because many articles are ignored because they are boring even if the information is useful. Your writing shouldn�t be flat and boring, you need to make it alive, just like you talk. Keeping your articles short and readable is critical because most people have little patience and won�t spend hours trying to read through large amounts of information. Don't forget to ask them for any feedback/comments about the site. Interacting with people who visit your site will yield great results in the long run.

Nowadays, it makes sense to keep the flash away from your site. Flash is resource intensive and takes longer to load, especially on slower connections which a lot of people still have. Flash will also not allow for search engine optimization, either. And as you know, people online are extremely impatient, so that will not help a flash based site with many. Flash based websites were really popular in the start when they were introduced. Yes, no arguments that it can look really nice, but you need to go with what your audience likes. If your aim is to impress your visitors, then maybe a flash website would do. But if you want to have an optimized site, one that converts, reaches the maximum amount of people - then you will kill your flash site.

You'll only annoy your visitor if you have music, and it starts to play right away when someone visits. Visitors want to be in control, so let them decide if your cool tunes get played, or not. One other thing, audio welcome messages, or video that starts right away - you're risking the ire of the visitor. People almost demand to be in control as much as possible, so let them have it - no big deal.

Getting all the elements in their place on your site is one of the goals of good web design. There are so many ways to get visitors, but it can all be for nothing if they don't react well to your site.

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